Receive A Step-By-Step Roadmap for Adapting Your Book Into A Movie or Television Show

You don't need to spend years in Hollywood or pay $100,000 for film school to access the tools you need to succeed in Hollywood. We guide you through step by step in an easy to understand way so that you'll know exactly what you need to do to get your book to the big (or small) screen - without being a bestselling author or knowing anyone in Tinseltown.

Learn How to Create The 'Insider' Documents Necessary To Pitch Your Book To Hollywood

You won't need to guess which documents to send to Hollywood as we teach you the exact pitch process the pros use to get their work bought by Hollywood's biggest studios. We also provide you with numerous examples and templates you can use.

Learn The 5 Strategies For How to Reach Busy Hollywood Insiders

Agents, managers, and producers want to hear from you - provided you contact them in the right way. In this course, we show you multiple ways to reach busy Hollywood insiders who are looking for great projects to back - and it could be yours.

Receive An "Insider" List of Hollywood's Top Production Companies

In addition to learning at your own pace in this self-guided course, you will also receive a list of dozens of Hollywood's top production companies you can research and reach out and pitch directly to.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: Welcome To The From Book To Big Screen Official E-Course

  • 2

    Session 1: Overcoming The Lies, Legends, & Misconceptions of Breaking Into Hollywood As An Author

    • Step 1 Introduction

    • Session 1 Presentation

    • Interview with Emmy Award Winning Producer Kayona Ebony Brown

    • Downloadable Session 1 Presentation

  • 3

    Session 2: Understanding Hollywood Mindset & The 5 Hidden Rules of Entertainment Industry Culture

    • Session 2 Introduction

    • Session 2 Presentation

    • Interview with Hollywood Actor Kelly Perine

    • Downloadable Session 2 Presentation

  • 4

    Session 3: Why Some Book-to-Screen Adaptations Work - And Why Some Don't

    • Session 3 Introduction

    • Session 3 Presentation

    • Interview with Hollywood Screenwriter & Adaptation Specialist Stephanie K. Smith

    • Downloadable Session 3 Presentation

  • 5

    Session 4: The Three Types of Contracts Hollywood Offers Authors

    • Session 4 Introduction

    • Session 4 Presentation

    • Interview with Entertainment Attorney Roy Hadavi

    • Downloadable Shopping Agreement Example

    • Downloadable Session 4 Presentation

  • 6

    Session 5: What Managers, Agents, & Producers Do - And How To Work With Them

    • Session 5 Introduction

    • Session 5 Presentation

    • Interview with Hollywood Talent Managers Arlene S. & Suzie A

    • Downloadable Session 5 Presentation

  • 7

    Session 6: The Politics of Navigating Hollywood Studios, Networks, & Streamers

    • Session 6 Introduction

    • Session 6 Presentation

    • Interview with Hollywood Studio Executive & Producer Erin Cristall

    • Downloadable Session 6 Presentation

  • 8

    Session 7: How to Craft a Perfect One-Sentence Pitch (or Logline)

    • Session 7 Introduction

    • Session 7 Presentation

    • Interview with Hollywood Logline Expert Dorian Connelly

    • Logline Examples From Famous Movies and Television Series

    • Nonfiction (aka BASED ON A TRUE STORY) Logline Examples From Famous Movies

    • Downloadable Session 7 Presentation

  • 9

    Session 8: How to Choose the Right Hollywood 'Franchise Type' for Your Book

    • Session 8 Introduction

    • Session 8 Presentation

    • Downloadable Session 8 Presentation

  • 10

    Session 9: How to Create a Written Hollywood Pitch (or Treatment)

    • Session 9 Introduction

    • Session 9 Presentation

    • Downloadable Movie Treatment Example: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

    • Downloadable Television Series Treatment Example: Animal Therapy

    • Downloadable Nonfiction (aka BASED ON A TRUE STORY) Treatment Example

    • Downloadable Movie Treatment Template

    • Downloadable Session 9 Presentation

  • 11

    Session 10: How to Create a Visual Hollywood Pitch (or Pitch Deck)

    • Session 10 Introduction

    • Session 10 Presentation

    • Interview with Hollywood Producer Stephanie Buxbaum

    • Downloadable Pitch Deck Example: Westworld

    • Downloadable Pitch Deck Example: Animal Therapy

    • Downloadable Nonfiction (aka Based on a True Story) Pitch Deck

    • Pitch Deck Structure


    • Downloadable Session 10 Presentation

  • 12

    Session 11: Five Strategies to Reach Busy Hollywood Managers, Agents, & Producers

    • Session 11 Introduction

    • Session 11 Presentation

    • Script: How to e-mail a Hollywood insider (Example)

    • Script: How to call a Hollywood insider (Example)

    • Downloadable Session 11 Presentation

  • 13

    Session 12: Course Re-Cap & Insider List of Production Companies

    • Session 12 Introduction

    • Session 12 Presentation

    • Downloadable Insider List of Hollywood Production Companies

    • Author Checklist

    • Downloadable Session 12 Presentation

  • 14

    Optional ($): Schedule A Paid Strategy Call & Review of Your Pitch Documents

    • Schedule Your 30 Minute Paid Strategy Call With Us To Review Your Pitch Materials

The Most Comprehensive Hollywood Course For Authors Ever Created

We guarantee this is the most thorough and comprehensive Hollywood adaptation course for authors ever created. From receiving a step-by-step road map to creating the right pitch documents, from learning how to contact Hollywood insiders to actually having your book pitched, this course teaches you everything you need to know - and teaches you how to go out there and make your dreams come true.

Designed To Be Consumed in 1 Hour a Day Over 12 Days

Using easy to digest curriculum, you can complete this course in less than an hour a day in just about 2 weeks.

Social proof: testimonials

Julia Brewer Daily

Author of "No Names To Be Given"

"Before working with ‘Books to Big Screen’ I had no idea how to break into the entertainment industry as an author. Now, Keri and Rob have connected me to top agents and I couldn't be more excited to take this journey that so few authors ever get to take."

Thomas J. Sims

Author of "On Call in the Arctic"

"Although I hesitated to take the Books to the Big Screen course because of cost, I think it's the best of this type of course I've ever taken, and I'm so glad I took it."

Shira Shiloah

Author of "Emergence"

"Dr. Rob Carpenter and Keri Rae Barnum have created an incredible platform to assist authors in creating a pitch to Hollywood Executives. They taught me what Execs are looking for, the culture of Hollywood, and how to present the intellectual property of my book. I’m thrilled to have a created a Synopsis and Pitch Deck as if I went to Film School! Highly recommend!"

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